Ludo offers a variety of plans, in order to fit different needs, frequencies and hours.

Multiple Entry Ticket

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Reserved Desk

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Dedicated Desk

Dedicated Desk

A dedicated desk at the open space.

- You can leave your things in there.

- You can get a locker for your valuables.

- There's a possibility to recieve a key to the space, if you want access to your desk beyond activity hours.

Monthly Price: 995 NIS

May Discount: 845 NIS

Prices include VAT


Reserved Desk

.A desk will reserved several days a week

4 Days a Week: 765 NIS p/month

May Discount: 667 NIS p/month

3 Days a Week: 585 NIS p/month

May Discount: 497 NIS p/month

2 Days a Week: 400 ​NIS p/month

May Discount: 340 NIS p/month

1 Day a week: 200 ​NIS p/month

May Discount: 170 NIS p/month

All Prices include VAT


Multiple Entry Ticket

A ticket for multiple entries.

You can use it at any time when there's a free desk.

Doesn't expire.

5 Entries: 350 NIS

May Discount: 297 NIS

10 Entries: 650 NIS

May Discount: 552 NIS

All Prices include VAT